Meet Nancy.


The coolest Japanese hair stylist in Amsterdam.



First, let's think about the concept & design the direction.

Let's start by designing your logo :

Do you like one of these? Perfect! Let's move on to your web site!

After we have discussed the content, we set up a few photo shoots. When the pictures, logo, and text content is done, I present a visual draft for your future website (made in Photoshop).

You like it? Tell me EVERYTHING! I also made you business cards.

We're almost there. While I'm building your site, many new ideas come by. I take the best over-thinking everything a million times, are you ready for the last round of reviews? Let's add all the social platforms, make you a nice folder with all the pictures and design items, and you're good to go.


The complete process takes from 3 - 8 weeks.